Paleo or Partial-Paleo

I know that many of you are fans of the Paleo diet. Myself, I try not to subscribe to any particular diet, choosing rather to adopt principals which I agree with and which I think work best for me. Sticking with Bruce Lee’s principles behind Jeet Kune Do, I prefer to take what I perceive as the best of all of the “styles”, and fashion that collection of principles into my own style.

Opinions on Paleo

I wanted to share this link due to the fact that I think the article has some interesting points that I happen to agree with as far as the various benefits that the Paleo diet offers; benefits which the diet has helped bring to peoples attention. I especially agree with points 1, 3 and 8. These are all things that I have incorporated into my day-to-day, and which have helped me along my journey thus far.

What are your thoughts on the Paleo diet? Are you a committed believer? Have you adopted just a few of the aspects? Are you not sold on it? Let me know!


1 thought on “Paleo or Partial-Paleo

  1. I don’t know a ton about it, but I’m not sold. I’m sure it works well for some people, but for me a diet high in meat and eggs doesn’t seem ideal. I’ve seen a lot of research linking high meat consumption to cancer and other health problems, and I can’t get over the environmental costs of producing meat. I think that’s important to think about when we consider what we choose to eat- not only how it affects our own health but also the health of the environment.

    Of course any diet that eliminates processed foods and a lot of junk food will make people feel better- that’s the main thing most diets have going for them, and that’s probably the main thing that makes people feel good and potentially lose weight. I’ve done vegan before and it made me feel awesome- possibly because it’s hard to find vegan cookies and other sugar/fatty foods, or possibly because I was eating a lot less saturated (animal) fat. I think a diet based on veggies, nuts and beans, and whole grains is the way to go. That’s where I’m at.

    I’m curious about what Nancy and James have from experience.

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